The Green Planet Project is currently working on location in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia to build a pyrolysis machine that will be able to convert plastic waste into usable fuels.

Currently, there is non-segregated collection of waste where there is collection.  In many places there is no collection.  Recyclables are often contaminated and burned with all other trash creating health risks.

The Green Planet Project is implementing an action plan that will include establishing a team to separate recyclable plastic from other waste, and educational campaigns to teach local communities how to recycle.

The fuels created from the plastic waste will be sold locally in every neighborhood where it will also be advertised and promoted as “Plasti-fuel.”

The Green Planet Project will be running a series of campaigns to create public awareness that will include training courses to ensure efficient organization and proper training of The Green Planet Project local task force.  Local workshops will be used to prove that fuel created from plastic waste works.

As part of this public awareness campaign, The Green Planet Project will run an educational campaign tour around Kalimantan that you can watch from anywhere in the world.  Be sure to follow The Green Planet Project on TwitterInstagram,  Facebook, and LinkedIn to keep up to date with our progress and watch us live stream.



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